Octopus fishing


The octopus lives in the sea both in few centimeters of water and in some dozens meters of depth and it is a very required prey for its deliciousness. When underwater fishermen go out for fishing and don’t have success, they dedicate specific fishing hunts for the octopus, and only in that case for being cooked. In Apulia it is possible to find octopus close to the shore and they are catched with an handline. To catch the octopus, it should drop in and out the handline without hook and with a little sinker in front of possible octopus hiding places, pretending that the bait is alive. When the sinker becomes more heavy, it means that the octopus clings to the bait. Then fishermen take back slowly the handline without sudden movements. So, the octopus is ready to eat raw or cooked. On board aperitif and fresh drinks. .


Period: January / December
Start time: 06.00 p.m.
Availability: everyday basing on weather conditions
Wheelchair access: people of all ages
Accessibility: people of all ages
Wheelchair access: partial
Difficulty: none
Time travel: 2 hours

Ticket per person in a group: € 60,00
N. of participants: minimum 12

Cost of 2 people (not in group):
€ 300,00

Tips: athletic outfit, sneakers, camera, sun cream, hat

N.B.: the reservation confirmation will be sent through SMS, e-mail and/or with notice on the Application “Fasano Terra e mare”



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